Avro Manchester ExCC

The Avro Type 679 Manchester was a heavy bomber used by the RAF during the early stages of World War 2.



The Manchester was eventually replaced by the Avro Lancaster[N 1]


  • Origin: A. V. Roe Ltd, Chadderton.
  • Type: Heavy bomber.
  • Engines: Two Rolls-Royce Vulture l 24-cylinder X-form, rated at 1,760hp, but in fact derated to 1,480-1,500hp.
  • Dimensions: Span 90ft 1in (27.46m); length 70ft 0in (21.34m); height 19ft 6in (5.94m).
  • Weights: Empty 31,200lb (‘|4,152kg); maximum 56,000lb but in fact never authorised above 50.000lb (22,680kg).
  • Performance: Maximum speed (typical) 250mph (402km/h); service ceiling (42,000lb) 19,500ft (552m); range with maximum bomb load 1,200 miles (1930km).
  • Armament: Eight 0.303in Browning in power turrets in nose (2), mid-upper (2) and tail (4); internal fuselage bay accommodating bomb load up to 10.350lb (4695kg).
  • History: First flight 25 July 1939: service delivery November 1940; vvithdravval from production November 1941.
  • User: UK (RAF).[2]


  1. To minimise disruption, Manchester fuselages still on the production line were used for early Lancasters.[2]


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