The Handley Page Hampden was a medium bomber used by the RAF during the early years of World War 2.



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  • Russia: The Soviet Naval Air Arm took charge of 23 Hampdens TB.1s on October 12 1942. These were the survivors of 32 aircraft originally belonging to 144 and 455 Squadrons. The other nine aircraft were lost to a variety of causes. Four crashed - two in Russia and two in Sweden - four were shot down by fighters [N 1] and one forced landed due to shortage of fuel because of holes in the fuel tanks.[1] By the time operations had been rendered impractical, by attrition and lack of spare parts at the end of 1943, the Russian Hampdens had been credited with the confirmed sinking of 36,000 tons of shipping, probable destruction of a further 30,000 tons, and damage to another 45,000 tons.[2]
  • Sweden: Single example operated as an equipment testbed.



  1. One of these by a Russian fighter, after it was mistaken for a Bf 110 because of it's twin tail fins.


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