Vickers Valian B.1 WZ393 90 Sqn SGT 10.06.57

Vickers Valiant B.1 of 90 Squadron displaying at Blackpool Squires Gate airport, 10 June 1957[1]

The Vickers Type 660 Valiant was one of the 'V-Bombers' used by the RAF during the Cold War.


Designed to the same specification as the Vulcan and Victor, the Valiant was considered a safer design, intended to act as a fall-back in case the other two designs failed. When prototype airframe WB210 was first flown by Vickers Test Pilot 'Mutt' Summers, on 18 May 1951, it was known as the Vickers B9/48, with the type receiving the name Valiant the following month.[2]


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